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Where it all begins

The owner of the Teresina farm is Paolo Chiusano, a graduate in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Alba and Turin.

In parallel with the work related to his studies, he started the hazelnut production business with the aim of transforming and selling the finished product. The company's lands extend partly into the areas surrounding the farmhouse and partly within the special nature reserve of the Andona Valley, Valle Botto and Val Grande, for a total area of 24 hectares of which 18 hectares are hazelnut groves.

The oldest hazelnut groves, planted by grandfather Vittorio and grandmother Teresina, date back to about thirty years ago; in addition to taking care of these, from 2006 to today, his nephew Paolo has continued and increased the business by planting new hazelnut groves and acquiring others.

The work phases in the hazelnut grove can be divided according to the seasons: in the autumn-winter period the soil is fertilized with organic fertilizers and the plant is pruned; in spring-summer, more ground shredding, suckling and phytosanitary treatments are carried out; in the months of August and September, the mechanical harvesting of the hazelnuts is carried out, followed by natural drying or drying according to the weather conditions; finally, the hazelnuts are stored in crates ready for the subsequent processing phases in the laboratory.

The machinery in the laboratory allows the hazelnuts to be processed from harvesting to the finished and packaged product. After being harvested, the hazelnuts are in fact cleaned, calibrated with the shell, shelled, calibrated from shelled, toasted, selected via optical selector, packaged or transformed into grains, flour, pasta and cream with cocoa according to the needs

Our farm field

The Teresina Agricultural Company is located in Piedmont, in the territory of the Municipality of Asti; it is part of the hamlet of Valleandona which is 10.15 kilometers from the provincial capital and rises 166 meters above sea level. The Valleandona territory is part of the special nature reserve of the Andona Valley, Valle Botto and Val Grande, established in 1985. It is a regional park that extends in the north-western part of the municipality of Asti. In 2003, its extension went from the original surface of about 293 hectares to that of 930 hectares. The Valleandona area can be accessed freely, taking advantage of pedestrian routes, for mountain biking and horseback riding. Numerous animal species are present in the territory of the reserve: in the undergrowth it is possible to track squirrels, dormice, hares, foxes, hedgehogs and badgers, while in the wetlands such as the banks of the Rio Cipollina various amphibians, dragonflies and the freshwater shrimp are found. . Green woodpecker, hoopoe, jay and bee-eater are some of the birds present in the park.

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